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October 30, 2016

WindanSea Surf Club fielded the largest team ever for a non-WindanSea event with 53 spots spanning every division.  We even had world champs Joel Tudor and Jen Smith representing WSC. The surf produced fun-sized rippable 3 ft longboard waves while shortboard conditions were a bit lacking. It was "game-on" as we were neck and neck with Oceanside and their 60 spot team all weekend including a photo finish paddle race where Oceanside got the nod despite an illegal transfer. O'side ultimately took t...

October 11, 2016

Well Wind an Sea Surf Club Dominated nearly every division but Oceanside somehow nudged us out of the top spot by a mere 60 points 2270 vs 2210. High pressure kept the surf glassy all day long as 3 ft waves poured onto the reef.

I cant remember ever having so many people finish in first place. That list included: Lucas Dirkse, Isaac Wood, Joel Tudor, Mike Gillard, Steve Bigler, Emma Lehuilier, leleo Kinimaka (guest tandem surfer), Quin Waitley (Our New Adaptive Ripper).

Pictured above Ricky redire...

October 26, 2015

Well clearly some of the best surfers on the beach at Cardiff this weekend were surfing for the mightly WindanSea Surf Club, ripping apart the chest to head high peelers all weekend long. Unfortunately, Oceanside Longboard Club  showed up with just too many people and there would be no stopping then from winning the Swami's Cardiff competition and the perpetual coalition trophy for 2015.

Notable finalists included Ricky Cuningham (1st), Joel Tudor (1st), Keili McEvilly (2nd), Mike Myers (2nd), Mi...

September 14, 2015

WindanSea took the top spot among 24 teams from around the world gathered to competed in perfect 3-4ft Malibu. Lead by standout surfers Joel Tudor(1st), Mike Gillard(2nd), Nathan Strom(2nd), Gus Day(4th), Jen Smith(1st), Mele Saile(2nd), and Miranda Joseph(4th), we overtook some heavy competition. Oceanside, MSA, Hawaii and Virginia Beach all had their sights set on us but we sent them packing for next year and solidified our spot at the top of the coalition ranks! Way to go TEAM!

April 28, 2015

WindanSea made the trek to Santa Cruz April 25-26 for the 2015 Log Jam old board comp.


Miranda Joseph 1st place

Mathew Perrault 1st place

Brian McEvilly 2nd place

Brian Joseph 2nd place

BrianX2 ALOHA HEAT 2nd place

Hana McEvilly 3rd place

Tessa Timmons 3rd place

Keili McEvilly 4th place

Grethchen Bach 4th place

Lorenzo Villela 4th place

Tim Hodgson 5th place

Eden Bach 5th place

Julia Chappel 6th place

WindanSea took 3rd place overall with Pedro Point taking the top spot this year. Props to Big Stick...

June 30, 2014

Summer is here and that means one thing.. Time for Windansea's annual "Day at the Beach" - the event for Special Surfers!


Come join the fun on Saturday July 19, 2014

Location: La Jolla Shores - Grass North end of the  Parking Lot 

Start time 7:00 am  (Volunteer Call) 


Good food, surf and good times, all for a great cause. Spreading the surf stoke!


Your President, 


Chip  Hasley























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