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Parent Assist Policy


As dedicated members of the surfing community, our ultimate goal is for your child to walk away with a positive experience for themselves and for surfing in general.


As such, we realize that the ability level at these young ages vary vastly from competitor to competitor.  Therefore, some children may feel more confident in the water if a parent is “helping them” catch waves.  Others don’t want their parents anywhere near them at all!


Our parent-assist policy is as follows:


Any competitor, regardless of age or division is allowed to have a parent (or other adult) assist them in the water by pushing them into waves.  HOWEVER, if there are other competitors in their heat surfing and catching waves on their own accord, they will be judged separately.  For example, in a typical heat of 6 competitors, say two contestants are surfing completely unassisted, and four have a parent in the water with them.  The two unassisted surfers will be competing for first and second place, the other four assisted surfers will be competing for third through sixth place.  This policy remains in effect regardless of how many surfers may be in a particular heat.


Windansea Surf Club

a 501(c)3 Non-Profit

PO Box  438

La Jolla,CA 92038


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