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So Close and Yet So Far

Well Wind an Sea Surf Club Dominated nearly every division but Oceanside somehow nudged us out of the top spot by a mere 60 points 2270 vs 2210. High pressure kept the surf glassy all day long as 3 ft waves poured onto the reef.

I cant remember ever having so many people finish in first place. That list included: Lucas Dirkse, Isaac Wood, Joel Tudor, Mike Gillard, Steve Bigler, Emma Lehuilier, leleo Kinimaka (guest tandem surfer), Quin Waitley (Our New Adaptive Ripper).

Pictured above Ricky redirects while Lucas manages a Tom Ortner impersonation on the wave behind on his way to 1st place.

Other finalists included Tosh Tudor 3rd, Ricky Cunningham 3rd, Mike Myers 6th, Brian McEvilly 4th, Ozstar 4th, Hana McEvilly 5th, Mele Sailie 2nd, Brian & Illa 2nd, Chip Hasley 5th and our paddle team took 2nd place to Longbeach. It was a perfect SoCal weekend. Thanks to everyone who participated and also those who came to hang out. Hope to see you all at Tourmaline Oct 22-23.

Hana McEvilly puts on a drop-knee clinic dominating her round 1 heat.

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