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2023 Membership Dues

Aloha Windansea Surf Club Members;

This communication is "Notice" to all Members WHO HAVE NOT paid their 2023 club dues. Club Members who have paid 2023 dues, please disregard this post.

As per the 2013 updated Bylaws (which were voted in place by WSC Membership in a General Meeting of its Members in 2013) club dues are to be paid each year by March 1st.

When the 2023 Board met in April of this 2023 calendar year - your Board of Directors approved an extension of dues payable no later than June 30th 2023.

This communication is going out to more than 200 of what we believe are active, semi-active and all Members who simply have forgotten to pay their club dues.

To pay your dues simply go to the clubs website:

Click on the Members Only tab and you will find tab named "PAY DUES".

Simply click on that tab to pay your 2023 dues.

If paying by check you can drop a check in the mail and sent it to:

Windansea Surf Club

PO Box 438

San Diego, California 92038

Regular Membership dues are $50.00 and under 18 Jr. dues are $30.00 Regular Membership dues are $50.00 and under 18 Jr. dues are $30.00.

Should you have any questions please reply to: and I will be happy to answer your questions


Mike Lovell Secretary Windansea Surf Club

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