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Happy Windansea Father's Day!

To all you amazing Windansea Dads, both in heaven and on earth, Happy Father's Day!

Thank you for being the best dads in this world and the next.

Thank you for who and what you are, and all that you do.

Thank you for giving all the Windansea Moms that little spark of love and stoke that nine months later, become baby Groms and soon thereafter the next generation of the best surfers in the world and then after that the best surfing moms and dads in the world, just like you!

And a big almost congratulations to our almost first time Dad, Johnny "Monster" Maher whose incredible Bride, Megan Maher, is about to give birth to a Mini "Monster" Maher.

Welcome into the Windansea Ohana, Mini "Monster" of Aloha, of love, of styling, of shredding, of shark chasing all the other cool stuff you will doing soon. We all love you!

Happy Father's Day and please join us at our favorite natural water park this Fourth of July, for a Thank God it's over, BBQ and Music Festival

And please remember to come to the general meeting at the VFW this Wednesday, June 23rd at 6PM.

Bill "Brasil"


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