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It’s Not Their Fault

Aloha All,

Aloha, is the theme of this message.

After speaking with our lifeguard friends, some of whom are Club members and after speaking with Park Rangers, PD and all those that are on the front lines upholding the current laws and rules that are in place regarding “Social Distancing” I feel that it is my duty, both President of the Windansea Surf Club, as well as a member of the community to speak out!


Before I do “Speak Out” I will preface that I have heard only good things about our Club members and our Windansea community and so this is NOT directed at any of you or us!

It’s Not Their Fault!

We are all frustrated with the rules that are currently in place regarding being able to access our parks, trails, rec centers, etc. and yes the beach for all of us who surf, swim and dive.

We all have opinions as to what is best for us as individuals and our community and for the most part, all of us accept the new rules our Governor and San Diego Mayor, Kevin Faulkconer have put in place to slow down and hopefully stop the spread of COVID-19.

Remember our Governor, our Mayor, Council Members, Supervisors, medical experts and advisors are doing their best to end this pandemic by basing their decisions on the facts at hand, science and what has worked elsewhere in our country and the rest of the world. We are, as they say, in unchartered waters, and even though most of the new rules imposed are prudent and spot on, not every decision made by our elected officials and their teams of advisors are perhaps necessary or perhaps have even gone too far. Nonetheless, they are still doing their best to keep all of us safe and are making difficult decisions in a very fluid environment. Mistakes happen!

Here’s a link to an Op Ed piece that I wrote for the San Diego Union expressing my thoughts, NOT THE CLUBS, just mine alone:

I know that some of you feel the same as I do, and some of you disagree. For those who don’t agree, and feel that we should not be allowed to recreate in parks, on trails or in the water with guidelines in place, that’s ok! We are all entitled to our opinions and entitled to express them is any peaceful way they or we choose.

Still, all of us feel the pain of “Stay at Home”. We are all frustrated, sad, depressed, stir crazy, coo koo crazy and on the verge of riot but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t take it out on City Workers who are just doing their jobs!

IT’S NOT THEIR FAULT! All they are doing is upholding laws that their jobs require them to uphold. If you don’t agree with the Mayor or the City’s rules then write the mayor or the City Officials who put the rules in place or organize a peaceful way of expressing your opinion(s).

It's up to all us to be part of the solution and to come up with a common sensical and fact based way to open up our parks, beaches etc. that keeps us all sane, but all of us safe at the same time.

But please, don’t scream, curse or threaten our lifeguards, police or park rangers for doing their jobs! It’s NOT THEIR FAULT!

Club member and lifeguard extraordinaire, Johnny Maher, told me that all lifeguards are taking heat, mostly from non-locals, about not being able to access the water. They are the target of everyone’s frustration and anger and are being verbally abused and in some instances threatened with worse.

So all of us who are The Windansea Surf Club, when we see or hear of this egregious behavior let’s stand in support of City Workers who are frustrated and tired of being the target of hate over rules they did not create. Let us instead treat them and greet them with Aloha.

Let’s show compassion and let’s show San Diego and the world what true leaders we are.

Let’s express our views, our thoughts and opinions but please let’s do it in ways that are respectful to all, including those whose job it is to uphold the current rules.

Remember Ghandi and The Reverend, Martin Luther King. They protested, they marched, but they did it peacefully with respect, dignity and discipline.

And so perhaps, in a like manner, armed with science and facts, we paddle and catch a wave.

Just please remember, we really are, in this together and everything we do impacts one another.

All for one and one for all?

Be kind and be Aloha Warriors.

Mahalo and Aloha


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