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Menehune Contest 2022 - One For The Records!

A belated congratulations to past WSC President and current Director of The Menehune Contest, Chip Hasely, along with The Menehune Committee, for the amazingly awesome contest they tirelessly planned and executed on Saturday, October 1st 2022.

The Committees time and efforts paid off in spades, with a record number of participants who registered to enter the contest, make their way to La Jolla Shores, check in for their heats, and Surf in uncrowded conditions, the best the Shores has been in recent memory!

Chip and The Menehunes have this contest, pizza party, silent auction and raffle, wired and dialed in like nobody's business, at least not in this solar system! These guys and gals of The Windansea Surf Club are a well organized force to be reckoned with for sure!

Special Thanks to Chip Halsely, who has made this event what it is today over the course of a decade.

Special Thanks to Nancy McCandless, who heads up Administration and never left her station. Not once, not kidding, not once!

Special Thanks to Harold Reid, who makes the best trophies on the planet.

Special Thanks to Chris Nyhan, who heads up sponsors for the event, and judging. Chris, you're an animal.

Special Thanks to Marnie Cheney, who heads up the raffle and is the best raffle ticket tumbler, this side of the Mississippi.

Special Thanks to Gail "Kiku" Matsushima , who heads up food. Ya gotta eat! Thank you Taco Surf!

Special Thanks to Steve Sullaway, who is, the most ferocious Beach Marshall on the West Coast.

Special Thanks to Bad Billy Pyratt Botin, can you say Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, for taking care of operations.

Special Thanks to Mike Perrault, the best surf photographer and videographer without question, period, end of story, for providing us with the amazing images of this years tourney.

Special Thanks to the set up, and tear down crew, you guys know who you are!

Thank you to all the countless volunteers, without whom, this contest would not be possible.

And last, but certainly not least!

Thank you to the many Moms and Dads, relatives, friends and guardians, who got the kids to the beach on time to make their heats and on into the finals.


Thank you Windansea Surf Club Founders, Chuck Hasley, Mike Hynson and Thor Swenson, without whom, there would be no Windansea Surf Club, and certainly no WIndansea Surf Club Menehune Contest.

Final Finally.

I think that's it

Bill "Brasil" Fitzmaurice


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