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Updated: Feb 16, 2022


Reminder that Nominations for the new WSC BOD will be held this Wednesday starting at the VFW at 6PM.

Previously in this spot, I had informed all of you that if you could not be at the meeting tomorrow evening that you could call Mike Lovell, Nomination and Election Director, on Thursday to make a nomination.

I completely misunderstood what I believed Mike lovell had said and this is wrong!

All nominations need to be made in person at tomorrow's meeting.

My sincere and humble apologies for the confusion!

For those of you who cannot make the meeting, "in person", please feel free to join us by zoom, see zoom coordinates below:

Meeting ID: 886 9143 4285 Passcode 220107

To join the meeting just click on the link "Windansea Surf Club General Meeting" and use the Meeting ID and Meeting Passcode to join your family!

If you are zooming, you will not be able to nominate, so if you have someone in mind, as instructed above, please call Mike Lovell on Thursday to add your candidate.


We need to step up and help the La Jolla Chapter by volunteering for this early morning to noon tradition on December 11th of this year.

Kiwanis is looking to Windansea Surf Club to provide volunteers for the water station at La Jolla Shores to hand out water to the thirsty runners as reach the finish line at La Jolla Cove and Gear Check up in Del Mar before the start of the race. We need 20 Volunteers to run our water station and we need 12 volunteers for Gear Check.

I will get back to you with exact times for each job but count on arriving at the water station by 6:45AM and up in Del Mar for Gear Check by 5:30AM.

If we have extra volunteers, there are other important jobs such as supervising bus loading to get runners from La Jolla to Del Mar, Crowd Control and Course Guides.

Please see the message below, from Alexia ElWardani on how to use the "Sign Up" Portal to volunteer for Water Station #9.

To volunteer for "Gear Check" just follow the same instructions but scroll to "Gear Check" vs. water station. Gear Check is past Water Stations almost to the very end of the list.

This is an awesome opportunity for the Windansea Surf Club to help another community based 501c3 and help kids, "One Community At A Time"!

Please Please Please Volunteer Below!


Bill "Brasil"

Dear Windansea Surf Club – Water Station #9!

Thank you so much for coming out to support our efforts on Dec 11 at the La Jolla Half Marathon and 5K! I have included steps for signing up volunteers below for your specific water station. We anticipate you will need approximately 10-15 volunteers to easily manage station set up and drink distribution

Steps for signing up on the volunteer portal:

  1. Click on La Jolla Half Marathon & 5K Volunteer Registration (

  2. Scroll to Water Station 9 - Windansea -Bill Fitzmaurice

  3. Click the Volunteer button just below the Water Station 5 title.

  4. Click “Register Me” or “Register Someone Else”on the popup.

  5. Enter “Windansea” in the password field and then fill out the rest of the form and click “Continue”

  6. Verify your information and click “Confirm Volunteer Registration”.

Thank you again Ohana and see you all this Wednesday!

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