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Upcoming General Membership Meeting!

Aloha WSC Members;

This communication is "Notice" of our upcoming General Membership Meeting. Our 2nd Meeting of 2023 will be held at 6:00pm on February 15th at the VFW Hall in Pacific Beach.

If this upcoming Meeting is like January's Meeting, please be prompt as last month's Meeting was left with standing room only after 6:15pm or so.

Special guests include Oceanographer Kim McCoy who will be talking about the fascinating science of surf, wave’s sand and the local transport phenomenon at Windansea Beach.

Kim starts his talk at around 6:20pm and will have visuals up on the large screen monitor and will be taking questions from our Membership.

Also on tap for our Meeting is an introduction by WSC's own Maddy Perreault and Emma Lhuillier for a 30 minute segment with Tyler Banta, Biology and Marine Science Teacher La Jolla High School and Tyler will be giving a presentation to Windansea Surf Club Membership about his students following projects:

  1. Aerosol studies at LJHS with CAICE/SIO/NSF – teacher and student samples

  2. Plankton sampling at Windansea with Marine Science – pictures and designing nets

  3. Current collaborations for plankton sampling and water quality sampling and plan (litmus test strips to start).

  4. Optional Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) planning in mid-spring for Marine Science students and student survey results

  5. Current graduate school course – Technology use in conservation Item 1

Also this evening will have a very important CPR demonstration from WSC's own Lifeguard and club Member Mark Feighan.

Also on tap is a very special showing by George Taylor of an original Olympic Surfboard shaped by one of the original founders of “The Windansea Surf Club”, Mr. Billy Caster. Mahalo, 2023 WSC BOD

2023 Windansea Surf Club Our mailing address is: P.O. Box 438 San Diego California 92037 Web:


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