Rosters must be paid by March 30th, 2020. So knowing we are going to fill don’t take a chance on snail mail general delivery. At a minimum use registered mail, confirm delivery or use PayPal: .

Special Event parking will be open and board shuttle will be provided. It will run for only a few hours in the morning (6-9am) and in the afternoon/evening (starting 2 hours prior to the last heat). There is no Handicap parking. Nobody may drive down to, or park in the lower lot or drive down the access road to the beach for any reason during the contest. If you need to get gear down to the beach Friday; we will need your persons name making the delivery for the gate guard and the closet you may park is the lower lot. No Surfing.

Dates: April 18th and 19th, 2020.

Still More Info:
The price is $100 per contestant. Second division 1/2 price. Tandem is $120 and doesn’t count as a second division.

All Coalition clubs and Coalition Surf Teams are invited. We are not open to the public.

Contestants in the Menehune may surf up one division.

Contestants may surf down one divisions except Juniors (Jr.).

Contestants must be place in division based on birthdates contained in the database, please update you roster prior to entering your team.

Contestants may be moved per the guidelines above by the Team Captains or at will by the Contest Director during the heat building process, at the discreation of DLSA, on an as needed basis for scheduling and contest continuity.

No Team payments will be collected at the event. There will be no beach sign ups.

Teams must have their Roster (including Alternates) funded (payment to DLSA) by March 30th 2020.

Teams will have between March 30th and April 6th 2020 to sweep their Rosters and make sure it matches funds sent to DLSA by March 30th 2020.

Gathering of the Tribes @ Church April 18-19 2020