The WindanSea Surf Club is dedicated to promoting excellence in our ocean and community, preserving and respecting WindanSea’s past, protecting ocean and coastal environments, fostering a positive image of surfers locally and globally through charity and competition, and supporting our youth for a brighter future.”


Membership is by invitation only.  Prospective member applications must be accepted by the board of directors and is not considered complete without an active club member mentor & 2 active club member  sponsors. Probationary members are interviewed by the membership director and voted in after demonstrating outstanding service & commitment to the club by participating in meetings & club events.  


There are 3 levels of membership:

  1. Charter - original club members only

  2. Regular - members with demonstated surfing ability

  3. Honorary - exemplary service to the club (Honorary members are selected by the Board of Directors).


For more information about club requirements, review WSC's Membership packet -PDF


Robin De Jourday
Russell Benton
Sponsor: Chris Nyhan
Mentors: Rob Luscomb & Marnie Cheney
Helena Roseman
Sponsor: Jon Roseman
Mentors: Rob Luscomb & Ozstar de Jourday
Rory Engh
Welcomed to the club Dec 2017.
Sponsor: Jeff Lhuillier Mentor: Emma Lhuillier & Julie Ellner
Quinn Waitley
welcomed to the club Dec 2017.
Sponsor: Brian McEvilly
Mentors: illa McEvilly & Bird Huffman
Flynn Dartland & Beau Brown
new members
The Davey's
new members
Kit & new member Liam Parr
Gus Day
new member - 2016
junior competition team
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Windansea Surf Club

a 501(c)3 Non-Profit

PO Box  438

La Jolla,CA 92038