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Introducing Windansea Junior


1st 10 and under shortboard and longboard 2012 -3rd shortboard Junior girls windansea coalition 2017 -3rd Longboard Junior Girls Windansea Coalition 2017 -4th longboard San Miguel Coalition 2018 -2nd Menehune Girl Longboard Santa Cruz Steamer lane 2017.

Service work in Fiji (clean water/schools), taught foster children how to surf at Day at the Beach.


Helena Roseman


"We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails." - Dolly Parton

Bishops School

Windansea / Tavarua


Who is your mentor?

My dad, Jon Roseman

Board of choice?

9'2 Bessell and my 6'0 Bessell, Matuse 4/3 wetsuit, Tonic Hair care leave in conditioner - absolute best for surfer hair!

insta: @helena.roseman

What do you like best about WSC?

What I like best about Windansea surf club is the tradition that has been kept up for so many years. The amazing people that I have been able to meet, that make up our tightly knit surf community. And of course the competition team and all the events that I have been able to go to.

What goals do you have in the near future?

I would love to be able to surf a bunch of great places and spots around the world while at the same time finding a way to give back to the community like beach cleanups or fundraisers to raise money for people in places like Fiji who arn't as fortunate as us.

Windansea Surf Club

a 501(c)3 Non-Profit

PO Box  438

La Jolla,CA 92038


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