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October General Meeting on Zoom

General Meeting

We are finally and really going to have a Zoom general meeting. As mentioned in an earlier message, your President did not Zoom very well and my first attempt failed miserably. Subsequently, I have been to Zoom University and have a much better grasp on Zooming.

So, on Thursday, October 8th at 6:30PM, we will have our first Windansea Surf Club Zoom Meeting!

This time around, It should be easy peaszy lemon squeezy to join.

Just click on this link: and it should take you directly to the meeting. If you and others are early to the meeting then feel free to mingle. You may be prompted to use a meeting ID and if so it is: 886 9143 4285.

You can join using your laptop/computer and if it has a camera you can be seen by all if you so desire. Most of you are probably pretty Zoom Savvy but for those who are not the link will take you to our dedicated Zoom Room and you can use your computer audio and video to join and communicate.

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