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surfer: Maddie Miller

The "Mighty" WindanSea Surf Club

 an International Surfing Club with a Local Impact 


“The WindanSea Surf Club is dedicated to promoting excellence in our ocean and community, preserving and respecting WindanSea’s past, protecting the ocean and coastal environments, fostering a positive image of surfers locally and globally through charity and competition, and supporting our youth for a brighter future”.  
Make a Difference

Click on a link below to contact the organizers to volunteer. Consider making a donation to the club or becoming a sponsor to further our mission and become part of the Windansea family.





Day at the Beach
Windansea Invitational
Menehune Contest

Without our generous sponsors we would not be able to do all of the fun things we do to benefit our local surfing community.

We LOVE Our Sponsors!