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Habitat for Humanity - El Cajon

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

For the second time in 2018 members of the Windansea Surf Club assisted by members of the Rock Church voyaged to El Cajon California to work on 5 new homes being built by Habitat for Humanity to benefit families in need of a roof over their heads that they will soon occupy and call their own.

Along for the journey were club members Harold Reid, Graham Miller, Russell Benton, Maddy Perreault, soon to be member Carla Guillard and myself. Representing the club was Mike Perreault and Stephanie Jernigan! Working with us from the Rock Church was Rick Takahashi, Chris McGilvary and Joseph Park.

It was a full day of swinging hammers, hanging insulation, putting up siding and having the pleasure of each others company knowing we are spending the day working together for an amazing cause.

A very special thanks to Stephanie Jernigan who not only prepared lunch for us all but kept us hydrated throughout the day with ice cold beverages! And let me add that not only does Stephanie make the best sandwiches ever she can also pound nails with the best of them all the while looking gorgeous and did so yesterday.

I would also like to say to all good luck keeping up with Uncle Harold! The man may be an elder but he is a monster on the construction site. First one getting to work and at the end of the day last one to put down his hammer and skill saw. Plus if you want to move large heavy sheets of plywood around a dangerous job site just ask Harold who did so with style and grace.

Thank you Habitat for Humanity San Diego for giving The Windansea Surf Club the opportunity to serve our just East of the beach community. We will be back!

Thank you Windansea Surf Club volunteers!! I am truly humbled by your continued community service and charity to those in need and I am honored to be in your company.

This past Saturday was a very special day with very special people!!

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