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2017 Billy Caster Memorial Fall Classic


Windansea Surf Club’s Fall Classic is back with this years “2017 Billy Caster Memorial Fall Classic”.

This year’s holding period is from October 14th through October 28th.

Members can now go to the Windansea website where you will find the event registration page and Hold Harmless Release. Please read this page carefully and be ready to sign the “Waiver Acknowledgement” page at check in - day of the event.

We will have copies of this page for you the day of as well.

Get your name on the official list ASAP as we are trying to keep last minute and day of the event sign up to a minimum.

MAKE SURE to include your age as well so we can organize the Divisions before the event.

Please keep a keen eye on all of our social media sights for updates of the event including:

a short Bio on Billy and his connection to The Windansea Surf Club written by Hank Warner and all other information that will help make this year’s event smooth, on time and a really great event for all as we honor a founding member of this mighty surf club.

Lastly – this year’s event includes food, a t-shirt and trophies as well as a Billy Caster Expression Session to be held after the final Division heat.

To all who have Caster boards – please bring and ride them in the Expression Session in remembrance of Billy.


Windansea Surf Club “2017 Billy Caster Memorial Fall Classic“ Committee Members

Kellen Lovell

Harold Reid

Hank Warner

Randy Lind

Mike Lovell

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