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Action Packed!

So much going on this summer with the Club its tough to find time to post. To re-cap - our (now) 3 Day At the Beach events are in the books. Special thanks to Steve Sullaway & Chris Nyhan for the YStrong Girls and Adam Bloomberg for captaining the ship for Special Surfers (500 plates of food went out!) and Father Joe's kids. The weather scare kept the kids bus from filling up but we had a solid and stoked group that kept us in the water until the bus showed for pickup. Huge shout out to Jason from The Cottage who stepped up to provide food at both events- wow! Mahalo to all the volunteers who showed- especially the set up and teardown crews & J. Roper on the grill. On the contest front, behind firsts from Miranda and J. Tudor, we nabbed a solid 3rd at the recent Oceanside contest featuring some crazy conditions and epic closeout sets. Nice work brave warriors! Next up - Malibu September 9-10, Tourmo October 7-8 & of course The Menehune October 7th- get dem groms signed up! That enough? Thought so.

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