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Calling All Paddlers - La Jolla Kiwanis Annual Cove Swim

On Sunday, Sept 11th, the La Jolla Chapter of Kiwanis International will be hosting it's 2nd annual Cove Swim,

As in the past for as far back as I can remember, The Windansea Surf Club, has assisted Lifeguards and the organizor of The La Jolla Rough Water Swim, the predecessor of the Kiwanis Cove Swim, by providing water safety, in the form of paddlers stretched out from La Jolla Cove to Scripps Pier.

This hasn't been an event, the Club has been a part of just for the sake of tradition. Utilizing our ocean water skills, we have saved lives and assisted lifeguards in many rescues, by being on location when swimmers have run into trouble, and in need immediate assistance. We, The Club, play a key role in keeping swimmers safe on on course! Quite litterally keeping the swimmers on course!!

For the first time since the pandemic, The Windansea Surf Club, will take on the role of water safety ambassadors for this epic event.

Leading our Club this year is former San Diego Lifeguard and club member, Chuck Davey.

Chuck is requesting at least 30 paddlers from the club or from our community to assist with the 3 mile race from the Cove to Scripps Pier and back. The race starts at 12PM and finishes at 2PM.

Volunteer paddlers need to be at the Cove by 11AM to receive instructions from Chuck and SD Lifeguards.

Because parking will be next to impossible, Chris Nyhan has generously offered to pick paddlers up at the La Jolla Methodist Church located at 6063 La Jolla Blvd in his limosine dump truck, and take us and our boards to the Cove for the race and back to the church after the race is over.

Loading and pickup will be at 10:15AM and we should be back to the church by 3PM at the latest.

This will be a fun event, and will once again demonstrate the vital role the Windansea Surf Club plays in making ours, and surrounding communities better and safer!

For details and or questions, please feel free to reach out to me at

Please RSVP to my above email

Please bring:

1) Water

2) Sunscreen

3) A hat

4) Fast paddling longboard

5) Good attitude

See you at the the church parking lot at 10:15AM on 9/11, and let's go save some lives!

Aloha and Mahalo

Bill "Brasil" Fitzmaurice

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