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Coalition Oceanside Contest & General Meeting

Greetings Windansea Ohana! I hope that each and everyone of you, your family and your family of friends are all well, are staying safe and getting great surf in our wintery cold summer ocean.

The weekend before Last, the mighty Windansea Surf Club participated in the first Coalition of Surf Clubs competition hosted by Oceanside Longboard Surfing Club up at the Oceanside Pier.

For a little bit of Oceanside Pier history go to:

Oceanside, with home court advantage and a bit of interesting, came in first place followed closely by Team Windansea, coming in with a well deserved second place out of twenty two clubs, led by our own, Aloha Gladiator Comp Team Director, the one, the only, Ozstar de Jourday and his ravishing bride, The Princess of Aloha, Robin de Jourday. The duo, along with our amazing comp team, remained steadfast in their effort to come home with the first place trophy. Ozstar and Robin worked tirelessly throughout the weekend, fourteen hours on Saturday and thirteen and one half hours on Sunday.

It was an amazing weekend made even more amazing because for the first time since COVID, our comp team was gathered all together and it was awesome just being able to hang out with everyone after more than a year and a half, and support each other as we battled in the water.

The Starman put together a top shelf, wrecking crew of a team with members thirteen years old all the way to over seventy.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Ozstar and Robin for their Herculean efforts in making Coalition Oceanside so successful. Nobody is as passionate and dedicated to the Club's Comp Team as Star and his Bride The Princess of Aloha.

Our comp team deserves a Ginormous Mahalo for their hard work and dedication to the Club.

And thank you parents and spouses whose support, time and energy to helped make this competition fun and successful.

A huge shout out to Mike Perrault for being the Clubs "Official" photographer/videographer. Can't wait to see what he has in store for us at the next Club meeting.

And lastly a heartfelt thank you to the WSC Board for their support of the Club's Team.

Our Team at Oceanside

Our team, from youngest to oldest from Boys and Girls under 14 all the way Grand Legends over the age of 70 included: Jackson Napelen, Sutton Tudor, Tosh Tudor, Charlie Coulange, Noah Nadelon, Jackie Fitzmaurice, Astrid Egan, William Hennessy, Shane Gillard, Wyatt Tudor, Blake Mehran, Ricky Cunningham, Matt Perrault, Andy Prado, Lorenzo Viella, Shawn Donovan, Jo Jo Roper, Justin Holly, Mike Myers, Jon Roseman, David Paskovitz, Mike Gillard, Ozstar de Jourday, Tim Bessell, Mahina Akaka, Molly Tuschen, Helena Roseman, Keili McEvilly, Franke Seely, Madeline Perrault, Emma de Jourday, Jessee Ransone, Robin Bessell, Jen Smith, Megan Tudor, Illa McEvilly, Lisa Carulli, Miranda Joseph, Indy Calloway, Illa & Brian McEvilly, Howard Chapleau.

More Coalition Contests to come

PB Surf Club will be holding their own Coalition contest the first weekend of October and Windansea will follow up with our own tourney on November 6th and 7th.

As of yet we have not heard whether any of the other Coalition teams are planning a contest.

General Meeting

As many, and hopefully all of you are aware we are having general meetings again on a regular basis.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday, August the 25th beginning at 6PM. There will be Pizza and hopefully Mike Perrault will have images and videos of the Oceanside contest. If not this meeting, definitely the next.

That's it for right now and hope to see you all at the meeting next week.


Bill "Brasil" Fitzmaurice

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