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Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Just when you thought that it couldn't get any better, magically it does!

I can't help but believe, that all of you, The Windansea Surf Club Ohana, thought, prayed and manifested, that club member, Fernando Aguerre, would come to the General Meeting this Wednesday and present and discuss a short, never before seen video about his twenty-two year long odyssey on getting the Olympic Committee to adopt surfing as an Olympic Sport.

As mentioned, no one in the whole wide world, or even out of this world, has seen this video, and this Wednesday, Sept 22nd, it will Aire for the very first time, for The Amazing, unparalleled, most winning and fantabulous Surf Club in the history of Surf Clubs, your Club, The One And Only Windansea Surf Club!

Not that we all aren't already, but on this hallowed evening, those who attend this general meeting will be anointed Olympian Surfers by The Father, The Grandfather, The Lord and Soul man of Olympic Surfing, Fernando Aguerre!

So, if Mike Perrault's videos, Coscto Pizza and being able to bathe in the warmth of your fellow club members, was not enough to get you to come to the general meeting this Wednesday, then being able to hang out with with Fernando, and see how his vision of surfing as an Olympic Sport, evolved from dream to reality, has got to be, what motivates you to come!

So, don't say no!

Say, I'll see you there!!

Wednesday, September 22nd at the VFW 6PM

Mahalo and Aloha

Bill "Brasil"

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