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WindanSea has the most fun at Log Jam!

WindanSea made the trek to Santa Cruz April 25-26 for the 2015 Log Jam old board comp.


Miranda Joseph 1st place

Mathew Perrault 1st place

Brian McEvilly 2nd place

Brian Joseph 2nd place

BrianX2 ALOHA HEAT 2nd place

Hana McEvilly 3rd place

Tessa Timmons 3rd place

Keili McEvilly 4th place

Grethchen Bach 4th place

Lorenzo Villela 4th place

Tim Hodgson 5th place

Eden Bach 5th place

Julia Chappel 6th place

WindanSea took 3rd place overall with Pedro Point taking the top spot this year. Props to Big Stick Surfing Association for amazing hospitality and another great event.


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