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WindanSea Women Dominate Malibu

We headed north with the best of intentions, hurricane swell was hitting and we were seeking our third team victory in as many straight years at the Malibu Boardriders Call to the Wall 2017. But is wasn't meant to be, the pumping swell from the previous 3 days disappeared the moment they started the first heat. Luckily our Women, lead by Miranda Joseph, Indy Callaway, and Samantha Roper made sure we could hold our heads high. The Malibu clubs seem to have grown tired of us winning their events and both MBC and MSA made strong showings with a 1, 2 finish respectively. That's actually good news for us as it has little effect on the team standings. With 3 events in the books, the coalition website is now displaying the current team standings with WindanSea right on top where we belong!

Notable quotes from this interesting event: " I guess I should have caught a second wave", "Traffic was really bad", "I always stand up on waves after the buzzer", "If I rub this all over my body will I get high?"..and so on.

To be fair, it was not just about the ladies and our individual finalist results are listed below:

1st place: Jojo Roper (SB), Steve Biggler, Mirand Joseph (LB)

2nd Place: Brian & Illa Tandem

3rd place: Miranda Joseph (SB), Mike Gillard

4th place: Indy Callaway (SB)

5th place: Indy Callaway (LB)

6th place: Crusoe Frapwell, Samantha Roper, Nathan Strom

It was the perfect wake-up call for our team to rally. With a high probability that Oceanside will advance in the team standings after their event we will want to bring the A-game to Malibu Sept 9-10 for the event that started it all back in 1963, the MSA Classic. Special thanks to Marnie and Bill for giving up their weekend to judge and support our fellow coalition club.

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