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Vision and Priorities

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

My vision for 2018 is to bring back the stoke and make the club a lot more fun. Increasing the participation and involvement of our core base is a key part of this!

I would like to see us us get back to our “Roots” as a club that is a surfing powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with.

Finally I would like to increase community awareness of the clubs long history of public service and charitable giving.

Some of my priorities are as follows

  1. Competition a. Coalition Series - Provide as much support to our comp team and comp team directors as possible to win. b. Underground Triple Crown Classics – For our members and extended Windansea family have a Spring, Summer and Fall Classic.

  2. Menehunes – Allow our younger members to run their own club within the club and give them the opportunity to promote and realize their own goals and objectives.

  3. Increase our presence at Windansea a. Fourth of July bash and BBQ b. Summer general meetings at the “Shack” with BBQ c. Feel free to contribute other ideas?

  4. Fundraising - More contributions to the club will enable us to do more good! a. Business and shop owners in our community b. Get as many members to pay dues c. Get Menehune involvement d. Suggestions welcome!

  5. Community Service a. More exposure within the community b. More news and media coverage c. The more thoughts from all of you the better!


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