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Gathering of the Tribes

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

This weekend Windansea rewrote a New Testament as we took over Church. With glassy conditions and decent waves it was easy cruising for our competition team.

High tide, sunny skies and 3-5 ft conditions served team riders well Saturday morning. Windansea flooded the beach with around 50 supporters coming out to compete, sunbath, and cheer on all our participants.

As the tide drew back and clouds covered up the sky our amount grew thinner leaving the luckiest for Sunday afternoon finals. With 18 members placing in the final Windansea finished 3rd overall, defeated only by Oceanside and Doheny with a gap of 400 points.

Some of the legends that carried us through the event include : Ricky Cunningham 2nd, Lucas Dirkse 6th. Isaac Wood 4th. William Hennessey 6th. Tosh Tudor 6th. Mele Saile 6th (who over slept and missed her 4pm final). Hana McEvilly 2nd. Rory Engh 4th, Sofia Mcgovern 1st. Brian McEvilly 5th, Mike Myers 4th. Indy Callaway 2nd. Megan Tudor 4th. Miranda Joseph 1st, Joyce Sissons 3rd, Virginia McGovern 6th. Mike Gillard 4th. Brian and Illa McEvilly 1st.

Congratulations to our finalist and a big thank you to everyone able to come out to this event and represent our family.

Full results available at:

Always spread the Aloha.

photo credits: Ozstar deJourday and Illa McEvilly

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