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Santa Cruz Results

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

The club put up a strong showing only falling short to host Santa Cruz Longboard Union at the 34th annual SCLU Club Invitational up at Steamer Lane. The conditions on Saturday for the preliminary rounds were about as good as it gets and the team crushed it, finishing the day just 90 points behind SCLU. Sunday, the size dropped a bit and the sets were more intermittent, but the surf was still fun. By the time the finals started, early Sunday morning, Windansea had earned 24 slots in the finals. Highlights were Grand Master’s Men where the club sent Gillard, Foster, Haffey and Steve Baker to the finals with Mike taking 1st. The women put a strong showing where we sent 3 women each for Women’s Open shortboard, 15-19 and 50-59. Not to be left out, we sent two men to Men’s Open shortboard and had at least one representative in every category except Women’s 60-69. Far and away the best final to watch was when Joel Tudor and Maddie Miller dominated the Tandem event. Standing on the boardwalk, you could still see Maddie’s smile past the point. Although a bit disappointing that we didn’t win overall, the Invitational was a blast from start to finish and the caliber of surfing on display was insane. Many thanks to our prez Bill, Mark Ruyle and Ozstar for leading the WSC “Aloha Gladiators”. By the time we rolled out after the awards ceremony, I had 3-4 different SCLU members come up to me and ask me to thank those three for spreading such a positive vibe throughout the event. All in all, it was a great way to spend Memorial Day Weekend however next year we need to win it all.

Team Results available on NETSPORTMGT.COM


2. Eden Bach

3. Tiare Thompson

6. Molly Tuschen

Open Men’s Shortboard

2. Sir William Hennessey

3. Nathan Strom

Women’s 15-19

1. Tiare Thompson

3. Helena Roseman

6. Emma De Jourday

Men’s 15-19

2. Sir William Hennessey

Women’s 20-29

2. Selah Bartlett

Men’s 20-29

3. Nate Strom

Women’s 30-39

5. Anna Garaway

Men’s 30-39

1. Phil Rajzman

Women’s 40-49

2. Shana Bartlett

Men’s 40-49

1. Joel Tudor

Women’s 50-59

1. Miranda Joseph

2. Joyce Sisson

4. Virginia McGovern

Men’s 50-59

1. Mike Gillard

4. John Haffey

5. Foster Thompson

6. Steve Baker

Men’s 60-69

5. Ozstar

Men’s 70+

3. Howard Chapleau


1. Joel Tudor and Maddie Miller

Menehune Boys

4. Tosh Tudor

Menehune Girls

3. Rory Engh

4. Sophia McGovern


2. Faith Bartlett

4. Charlie Coulange


2. Jackie Fitzmaurice

Open Women’s Shortboard


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