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A Day of Service with Habitat for Humanity

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

An amazing day, an amazing experience with my amazing Windansea Surf Club family. Yesterday nineteen members of our club along with a club volunteer spent the day with Habitat for Humanity helping finish four homes in Logan Heights. We were divided into four categories ranging from skilled labor to include tiling, laying brick for driveways and hanging doors and non skilled grunt work which was essentially loading and moving wheelbarrows with gravel and sand! The "skilled" crew included Nate Jernagin, Melinda Merryweather and Harold Reid who demonstrated exceptional tiling skills. The intricate art of laying driveway brick was carried out by past club President Chip Hasley, Graham Miller, club volunteer Ismael Alaniz, Club Director and legend Hank Warner, Jeff Morrow, Chris Nyhan, Club legend Bill Decker along with the worlds greatest metorologist and story teller extraordinaire Shawn Styles!! Making certain that doors were hanging right on their hinges were Club Vice President Kit Kantner and past Club President Tim Graham! The wheelbarrow drivers included James Harrah, Club Secretary Mark Ruyle, Eric Young, Magnuson Fitzmaurice, Aaron Schwarzman, Club Day At The Beach Director Scot Cherry and yours truly Current Club Pres Bill "Brasil" Fitzmaurice. I would like to thank the incredible Habitat For Humanity crew who are dedicated to helping those less fortunate obtain homes with their love, compassion and unbelievable skills and hard work! Thank you for being such passionate and patient hosts and on behalf of The Windansea Surf Club it was an honor to work side by side, if for only a day, with your amazing team! I also want to thank all of our club members and members of our Windansea community who took the time to volunteer for the day! I couldn't think of a better way to spend the day then with all of you my Windansea family!

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