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Calling All Volunteers

Windansea Family and all friends of Windansea

After a two year hiatus, due to COVID, The Windansea Surf Club is once again hosting its world famous Day At The Beach(DATB).

In just a few short weeks from now on Saturday, July 9th at La Jolla Shores, we will be surfing, dinning, laughing, creating incredible memories and beautiful smiles for Special Surfers!

DATB Director, Robb Luscomb, is requesting that all able bodied volunteers who can get in the water and surf with these incredible kids, come meet us at 8AM, and if you have a Wavestorm or two or three or four, or any soft top board, please bring them with you.

Surfing will begin at 9AM, and we will be won and done at 3PM.

We will be located just North of the bathrooms and showers at the North end of the Shores parking lot.

Please come and if you know someone else that can spend the day putting smiles on some amazing kids, please ask them to come as well.

The Cottage is providing breakfast and lunch so a big shout out to Jason Peaslee, owner of the Cottage, for supporting our community cause!

If you are an early riser and would like to meet me and Robb at 5:30AM to set up our DATB Village, we would be very happy to see you.

Those kind souls who can stay and help us, "tear down" after the kids have left with their memories of the day, we will welcome with open arms.

FYI on Saturday, August 20th we will be hosting the Kiddos from Father Joe's Village for the 35th year.

Thank you, and we are looking forward to seeing you At The Beach for Day At The Beach!

Bill "Brasil"


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