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WindanSea Loud and Proud at The Lane


Since getting second in Santa Cruz is winning...we won! SCLU hosted another great event with plenty of chest high+ waves topped by lively camping at the nearby church lot. WindanSea was in the hunt the entire event and with a victory at the paddlerace it seemed a victory was within reach. Oh did I mention Jeff Anderson took home a new board from the raffle and Tiare Thompson was given a board as the youngest (and best) surfer in the women's open shortboard. The list of WSC finalists was impressive:

  • Harold Reid 1st

  • Joel Tudor 1st

  • Tosh Tudor Novice ripper!

  • Mike Gillard 1st (3rd in SB)

  • Gus Day 1st (4th in SB)

  • Mike Myers 2nd

  • Lauren Ross (Gretchen's Mom) 2nd

  • Lorenzo Villela 2nd

  • Tiare Thompson 2nd (3rd in SB)

  • Ricky Cunningham 3rd

  • Osh Bartlett 3rd

  • Allana Hendrickson 3rd

  • Hana McEvilly 4th

  • Lucas Dirkse 5th

  • Grtchen Bach 6th

  • Saleh Bartlett 6th

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