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WindanSea with Strong Showing at Tourmaline

WindanSea Surf Club fielded the largest team ever for a non-WindanSea event with 53 spots spanning every division. We even had world champs Joel Tudor and Jen Smith representing WSC. The surf produced fun-sized rippable 3 ft longboard waves while shortboard conditions were a bit lacking. It was "game-on" as we were neck and neck with Oceanside and their 60 spot team all weekend including a photo finish paddle race where Oceanside got the nod despite an illegal transfer. O'side ultimately took the team win by 150 points 1290 vs 1140.

Our world class paddle team included:

Ricky Cunningham

Mathew Perrault

Lorenzo Villela

Tiare Thompson

and Kellen Lovell

A number of competitors did double and triple duty with Brian McEvilly and Indy Callaway making the finals in 3 divisions! Tiare Thompson,Hana McEvilly, MIke Myers and Mike Gillard racked up points for placing in the finals in 2 divisions each. Other top performers included Gus Day who fought-off a sore back to take 1st place in the Juniors division.

Kellen Lovell below pulled out all the stops with an attempted kick-flip in his final

It was an aloha fest in the parking lot with long waits and even the occassional passing shower to take cover from.

Tiare Thompson enjoys a break from the national stage to represent the club just minutes from home and surrounded by friends and family as she took the first place spot in women's shortboard.

Brian and Illa standing tall on their way to a victory in the tandem division

The WindanSea finalists were too many to mention so have a look at the list below (Note: prospective member Graham surfed for Jojo Roper and along with Remy Juboori took 1-2 in shortboard)

With this win, unfortunately our nemesis Oceanside Surfclub takes a strong lead in the team standings. With our WindanSea Invitational scheduled November 19-20 we can enjoy hosting the other clubs and celebrate a great performance as a team in 2016.

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