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WindanSea Takes Top Spot, SUPSquatch Goes Big, and Myers Wins Everything at LaJolla Shores

Teamwork prevailed as volunteers of all ages made the WindanSea Invitational a great success. The surf was a perfect 3-4 ft on Saturday and jumped to a more challenging size and shape on Sunday. The raffle booth was stuffed with thousands of dollars worth of goodies donated by Bessell, Michael Miller, Firewire, Doyle, Xterra Surf Wetsuits, Surf Monkey Bikes, Rinse Kit, Bird Rock Surf Shop, Joe Ropers Board Shop and Repair, and many many more. Mike Myers was the biggest winner of the day taking 1st place in both surf divisions, winning a new Firewire surfboard and a bike!

With the coalition season already decided the vibe for the whole event was stoke and aloha. Team WindanSea took the top spot although Doheny showed up in force and made a solid run taking the second place spot followed closely by PB Surf Club, La Jolla Shores, Sunset Cliffs, and Baja Surf Club.

Top finishers from WindanSea included:

1st place finishes- Emma Lhuillier, Tiare Thompson, Margret Weisehan, Indy Callaway, Quinn Waitley, Flynn Dartland, Mick Davey, Mike Myers, Brian McEvilly, C Pro

2nd Place finishers - Oztar Dejourday , Hana McEvilly

3rd Place finishers- Rory Engh, Ricky Cunningham, Mike Gillard,

Other finalists- Aaron Schwarzman, Beau Brown, Jordan Schultx, Kellen Lovell , Illa McEvilly, Emma DeJourday, Robin Whaley

Prospective new members showed up big proving their abilities by making the finals including; Ryan Heokman, Nick Derov

SUPSquatch drops in on a 5 footer.

Emma Lhuillier standing tall on her way to victory

Save a wave, ride tandem!

Unidentified holds on for dear life as SUPSquatch hits the lip.

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