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Smokin' Steamer's Lane

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Way to Windansea to rally together for the 34th SCLE Invitational at Steamer's Lane. We came in all shapes and sizes including President Bill Fitzmaurice with his U-Haul full of pretty much anything you could think of. If you cracked it at 3am (far from bright-eyed) you were able to get a killer warm up session in at the Lane with the rest of the day to get camp set up. In my opinion what is one of the most unique experiences is getting to be in such close quarters with everyone camped out in front of the church. , and a strong feeling of team unity definately resonated in everyone this weekend.

Friday night Ozstar treated everyone with awesome lobster, lamb chops and to top it off s'mores! It was a great way to kick off the comp and extinguish pre-heat jitters with good times and good laughs.

Come Saturday everyone gave 110% and more than half of us were able to move on to

finals! And a special last minute guest appearance by Miranda Joseph and her awesome

cheerleading put Windansea over the edge in Aloha making us by far the loudest and most

spirited club. And the celebration kept going later that night with a delicious Coalition spaghetti


Sunday was showtime. Everyone put on their game faces and you could tell Windansea

meant business. Each and every person surfed their finals heats with the perfect combination of

style and power, and the team came out with wins in multiple divisions. Not to mention the epic

victory of Maddie Miller and Joel Tudor in the tandem heat.

Sadly Windansea came out second to SCLU but the experience was #1. As always it's a

hard goodbye and I was sad to see all the tents be taken down. Overall we showed up and

showed them that Windansea is a force to be reckoned with and to be ready for next year. Go


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