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WindanSea with Electrifying Win at Malibu

WindanSea battles through lightning storm at Malibu to bring home the Win.

Hurricane Dolores got lost on her way to 1st point but we had plenty of fun sized waves all weekend. When lightning struck within a mile lifeguards closed down the beach and for 10 bizzare minutes Malibu was perfect and EMPTY!

First place finishers included Mike Gillard, Miranda Joseph, Gus Day, and Brian and Illa for tandem. Other finalists included; Mick Davey (4th), Emma Lulier(3rd), Tim Seniff (4th), Jojo Roper (4th), Samantha Roper(6th), Tad Hodgson (4th), Joel Tudor (3rd), Hana McEvilly(4th), Brian McEvilly (3rd), Mathew Perrault (5th), Mike Meyers (2nd) and Lucas Dirkse (3rd).

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