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Numbers Game at Swamis Cardiff Contest

Well clearly some of the best surfers on the beach at Cardiff this weekend were surfing for the mightly WindanSea Surf Club, ripping apart the chest to head high peelers all weekend long. Unfortunately, Oceanside Longboard Club showed up with just too many people and there would be no stopping then from winning the Swami's Cardiff competition and the perpetual coalition trophy for 2015.

Notable finalists included Ricky Cuningham (1st), Joel Tudor (1st), Keili McEvilly (2nd), Mike Myers (2nd), Mike Gillard (2nd), Emma Lhuillier (2nd), Rory Engh, (3rd), Gary Linden (5th), Lorenzo Villela (5th), Mele Sailie (5th), Brian and Illa -tandem (5th), Tosh Tudor (6th).

We finished 2nd overall for the season with victories at the most prestigious events on the coast. We will get our trophy back in 2016! For now, enjoy the epic fall conditions!


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