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WindanSea Special Forces take over the Bu

You could not ask for better conditions as Malibu delivered 4-5 ft reeling surf all weekend long. WindanSea showed up in force and took 2nd place among 23 teams from around the world. Bested only by the host club MSA who took home the #1 spot after losing for 4 years in a row (twice to us).

The club was lead by incredible performances from team veterans even though every heat looked like a final with top notch surfing from every competitor. Ricky Cunningham surfed one of the best waves of the day hanging ten for close to 10 seconds as he raced towards the pier. He ultimately took 5th place in his final as the ocean went flat while we waited for a second wave.

No one was going to deny Mike Gillard as he dominated his way to a first place finish. This signature powerhack with the pier in the back was a glimps of the action. Joel Tudor decided that in order to give others a chance we would just surf switchstance the entire event...and he took 2nd as did his ripping son Tosh Tudor. In the same division Mike Myers took 1st place in every heat except the finals where a few long lulls left him with 6th place. Other top performances included a visiting ringer from Australia named Rocian who filled in nicely for Mele taking 1st place in the young women's division.

Two surfers from WindanSea completely outclassed their competitors and they were Miranda Joseph and Steve Bigler. As a spectator I could not take my eye's off the display as they mastered the long lined-up walls.

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